Simple Pressure Vessel Component Design

COMPRESS does not require you to model an entire pressure vessel to design or rate individual components. This capability is useful when investigating a pressure vessel component that must be modified.

For complicated components, like Appendix 2 flanges and nozzles, the user can call upon a specific wizard to create the design. Alternatively, users can design components by direct entry. When applicable, warnings and good engineering practice reminders are presented.

See how to design two common ASME pressure vessel components in this video. In the first example, a pad reinforced nozzle on a cylinder is designed per UG-27, UG-37, UG-45 and UCS-66. The second example shows a flange calculation per ASME VIII, Division 1, Appendix 2.

COMPRESS can quickly create complete pressure vessels too. For more information see the COMPRESS Vessel Wizard.

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